Internship Plus (Non-NZQA)



Internship Plus is a non-accredited one-year program that provides face-to-face Christian academic study alongside on-the-job ministry training in local churches.

The Internship Plus program offers a welcoming, introductory-level learning community that encourages each person to begin at their level and grow.

Internship Plus includes:

  • Thursday block courses

  • 15+ hours ministry per week

  • Quality mentoring

  • Membership to the Blake Library

  • Tuesday night Footsteps classes (optional)

This program is offered by the Emmaus Walk Trust of Palmerston North, and runs in partnership with local churches and Christian organisations that provide ministry opportunities and a supervisor.  

The program is run alongside the Vineyard NZQA accredited internship program. 

When & When

Emmaus internship lectures are held on Thursdays, 9.30am – 12.30pm at All Saints Community Centre. Each course has one final written assignment and there are no exams.

TERM 1    9 week block course- God's Story, Ian Reid & Pauline Simonsen

TERM 2    9 week block course - Exploring Spiritual Faith, Pauline Simonsen

TERM 3    9 week block course - "I Believe" Theology, Nigel Dixon & Pauline Simonsen

TERM 4    7 week block course - Understanding the Bible, Nigel Dixon & Pauline Simonsen 

Practical Ministry

Interns also do 20 hours/ week of supervised ministry in their local church or Christian organisation. Your ministry experience can be anything from Youth or Children's Work to Administration or Sound Operations.  It can include paid ministry.


The 2019 Internship Plus program course fee is $1800.

Fees are reqiured to be paid directly to Emmaus in full on enrolment (arrangements for special circumstances can be discussed).

Some Q & As

What is the difference between Internship Plus program and the NZQA Internship program?

The main difference is that Internship Plus is non-NZQA accredited, meaning it won’t be formally recognised by most accredited institutions. This also means that we can keep the fees lower and provide more flexibility in the program. The lecture course content and delivery is the same as for the NZQA internship, but students are also provided with local mentoring, and with access to an extensive theological library.  Interns can also start at different times in the year.

Paid/Unpaid ministry?

The Emmaus Internship is not eligible for NZ Government loans or subsidies. Interns may therefore include paid ministry in their ministry hours. However, these should be noted separately in the intern’s ministry plan.

Can my Emmaus internship be cross-credited into an accredited programme?

We are currently working on a cross-crediting relationship with Laidlaw College which is currently in progress.  This would allow cross-crediting to some of Laidlaw's diploma courses. 

Because the Emmaus internship is not NZQA-accredited, it won’t be recognised by most accredited institutions. However, many institutions have a policy of “recognising prior learning”, and MAY accept some of the Emmaus internship work (such as academic courses) as cross-credits into a certificate or diploma. Any such decision is entirely at the discretion of the respective academic institution.