Fresh Expressions

Bob Franklyn ran this 8 week course alongside the Footsteps program in Term 2, 2015.  We will run this again so stay tuned.

Creative new ways of doing Church!

Fresh Expressions "Mission-Shaped Leadership" is a course which helps people to reconnect with their communities and think creatively about new ways of doing church.

You are invited to share a journey to be equipped for a lifetime of good practice and learning in growing fresh expressions of Church.

This course is for:

* Those exploring ideas for fresh expressions of church 

* Experienced pioneers who want to reflect on what they’re doing 

* Christians who want their churches to be more effective in mission

Fresh Expressions is relevant to Christians from a broad range of denominations and traditions, and the movement has resulted in thousands of new congregations being formed alongside more traditional churches.

While the course has its roots in fresh expressions of church, its learning is applicable to the wider church traditions. Written by some of the foremost practitioners of church planting, mission and theological practitioners who have worked within traditional church and fresh expressions settings.

Emmaus and Fresh Expressions Aotearoa NZ are offering eight modules out of the twenty four which make up the full course. However if there is enough interest in completing the other 16 modules, these will be offered on a five Saturday series after the initial eight.  

Modules include:

* Mission context

* The mission of God

* Vision and call

* Missional values

* Listening for mission

* What is church?

* Gospel & culture

* Leadership matters 

You can read more about the Fresh Expressions worldwide movement here.