Restoring the Fortunes of Zion

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Rob’s latest book is a collection of talks, articles, essays and lectures on the theme of the restoration of Israel that he has given throughout his career as a Presbyterian minister. Entitled Restoring the Fortunes of Zion: Essays on Israel, Jerusalem and Jewish-Christian Relations on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Six-Day War, it surveys the restoration of Israel in modern history and in biblical prophecy.

Restoring the Fortunes of Zion tells the dramatic story of the reemergence of Israel onto the stage of modern history – from the genocidal fury of the Holocaust to its extraordinary survival in face of regional hostility and global contempt. It shows how the return of the Jewish people from two millennia of exile realises with uncanny accuracy the visions of the biblical prophets, and explores what this signifies for the future.

‘Restoring the Fortunes of Zion evokes strong responses in me: deep gratitude for the author’s decades of courageous advocacy for my people; awe and wonder at the dramatic alignment between the words of the prophets and unfolding events in the “real” world; and bitter dismay at the malevolence towards Jews and Israel from sources as varied as the KGB, Christian supersessionists, the United Nations, and the media.

‘I commend Restoring the Fortunes of Zion to all those who wish for a clearer sense of Israel, its emergence from desolation to vitality and those who helped and hindered its progress. It is an exceptionally valuable resource.’     Dame Lesley Max

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A Terrifying Grace

Rob Yule has published a further book, arising from the second Emmaus course that he taught in 2014.

Entitled A Terrifying Grace: Sexuality, Romance and Marriage in Christian History, it looks at how twelve influential Christian leaders handled sex and marriage – from Augustine and Luther to Billy and Ruth Graham and Pope Saint John Paul II.

In a wide-ranging study of the theology of sexuality, Rob conveys orthodox Christian teaching about sexuality, love and marriage by means of vivid and engaging biographies of the leading teachers on the subject.

It is a book filled with drama and human-interest, describing the romantic relationships of well-known and influential Christian leaders – how they tackled and what they taught about this most fraught and fascinating aspect of human life. Rob shows the surprisingly varied ways in which his subjects negotiated the complicated circumstances and challenges of their intimate relationships.

It is also a book with ecumenical implications. It ends with a chapter on Pope John Paul II’s too-little-known ‘theology of the body’ – a striking corrective to the fateful legacy of Augustine’s teaching on Christian and particularly Catholic views of sex and marriage with which the book begins. It demonstrates that the closest parallels to John Paul II’s thinking – which he and his Catholic advocates are unaware of – are the Protestant theologians Jonathan Edwards and Karl Barth, discussed earlier in the book. 

Rob’s approach breathes life into classic Biblical teachings on love, sex and marriage, and shows what we may be missing in the shallow experimentation of today’s sexualised popular culture.

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Fences of Freedom

Rob Yule has published a new book issuing from his 2014 Emmaus course.

Entitled Fences of Freedom: The Ten Commandments for Today, it expounds the Ten Commandments in the context of the moral confusion of our society.

The Ten Commandments are the fountainhead and moral undergirding of Western civilization. Yet they are widely disregarded in today’s secular society.

Many people are morally confused in our permissive culture. The Ten Commandments are exactly what we need; a brief and memorable summary of what is right and wrong.

The author shows the significance of the Ten Commandments for a wide range of important issues: 

  • Their divine origin, which distinguishes them from human codes and legislation

  • Their role in the development of monotheism and the origins of modern science

  • Their importance in preserving human life from self-imposed slavery

  • Their value for parenthood and family relations, marriage and sexuality

  • Their validation of the value of life, personal property and truthfulness

  • Their relation to the moral law, the law of nature

‘What is unique about Yule’s work is his familiarity with an array of topics and ability to connect readers to the past as well as present-day popular culture. It is based on sound research, yet he writes with a passion for his subject, and makes you think about how you can live within the Ten Commandments’ moral code. His tone is engaging and informative, skillfully making ethical points without being judgmental.’ (Xulon Press editor)

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